A Safe Alternative Way To Treat Chronic & Acute Conditions

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Healing With Acupuncture

Using thin, disposable, sterile needles, acupuncture taps into your body’s energetic pathways, called meridians. Practiced for thousands of years in China, and now around the world, acupuncture is a safe, alternative way to treat chronic and acute conditions.

Acupuncture Campbell, Watsonville, Santa Cruz

Acupuncture For Pain

Pain is your body’s messaging system. There are many reasons why you feel pain. Besides an acute injury or trauma, chronic pain can be a sign that systems in your body need attention.

Pain can be caused by any of these conditions:

Prescription drugs
Hormone imbalance
Digestive disorders
Chronic fatigue
Respiratory disorders
Autoimmune conditions
Metabolic imbalances
And much more…

Acupuncture Santa Cruz, Campbell, Watsonville

Acupuncture To Support Weight Loss Program

Losing weight will result in positive chemical changes in your body. But before you reach your target weight, you may experience some mild symptoms like headaches, body aches, and fatigue. All these symptoms are part of a normal change and progression toward better health. Acupuncture can help relieve your symptoms, provide more energy for your workouts, and relax both body and mind from daily stresses. Acupuncture stabilizes natural imbalances that occur while your body goes through detox and elimination.

Acupuncture Campbell, Watsonville, Santa Cruz

Does Acupuncture Hurt?

Modern acupuncture needles are extremely thin. More than ten of the finest needles could fit into a single hypodermic needle used to draw blood. At the very least, you will feel nothing, and at most, a small prick that goes away a few seconds after insertion. A skilled acupuncturist is aware of sensitive areas in your body and will do her best to mitigate potential pain. Most patients leave sessions feeling lighter, refreshed, and relaxed.

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What To Expect At Your Treatment Session

An acupuncture treatment is an insertion of very fine, sterile needles into the skin. Once inserted, needles may be stimulated further, manually (by hand) and if there is severe trauma involved, electrical stimulation may be utilized. Your acupuncture session may also include one or more of the following items:

Moxibustion – herbal heat treatment
Cupping – glass cups placed on specific parts of the body (mostly back) for the treatment of pain and respiratory disorders
Tuina massage – a traditional form of body massage
Essential oil acupuncture – custom essential oil remedies will be placed on specific acupuncture points
Acupressure – pressure along acupuncture channels and specific points
Acupuncture points are located all over your body. Wearing loose, comfortable clothing is helpful when your acupuncturist needs to reach beyond your head, neck, and extremities. You may be asked to remove certain clothing if it obstructs the treatment.

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