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Campbell Wellness weight management program

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Wellness weight management program Santa Cruz


We are very excited to have you join our community of individuals and families who desire a more enlightened approach to attaining health and vitality. Our Lean to Wellness weight management program, and the articles, recipes and ideas in this section will help your holistic and medically supervised journey to lose fat and weight, as well as achieve the wellness you desire and deserve.

Enjoy this extra benefit to your Lean To Wellness program.

Dr. Jeff Lester, D.O.
Clinic Director & Family Physician

Wellness weight management program Campbell

Lean To Wellness Assets

Start Here
Take advantage of the many articles, recipes and ideas designed to help you every day.

  • Getting Started
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Recipes & Ideas
  • Exercise Guide
  • Stress Management & Quality Sleep Guide

What You’ll Find To Help You

  • Introduction
  • The Importance of a Restful Body
  • Stress Management Techniques
  • 7 Foundations of Mindfulness Practice
  • 8 Tips for Emotional Eating

Mindful Eating Exercise

  • 21 Tips to Reduce Workday Stress
  • Healthy Sleep Recommendations
  • The Insomnia-Stress Connection
  • Techniques for Better Sleep
  • Tips for Success

 28-Day Metabolic Jumpstart

  • Nutrition Guide
  • Phase 1 | All Weight Categories
  • Phase 2 | Less than 20 Pounds
  • Phase 2 | 20 to 40 Pounds
  • Phase 2 | 40+ Pounds
  • Phase 3 | Less Than 20 Pounds
  • Phase 3 | 20 to 40 Pounds
  • Phase 3 | 40+ Pounds
  • Food Sensitivities Chart
  • 28-Day Metabolic Jumpstart Recipes

Recent Recipes