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Welcome To Metabolic Jumpstart

We are so excited to have you join our community of individuals and families that desire a more enlightened approach to attaining health and vitality. With our 28-Day Metabolic Jumpstart program, you are beginning a holistic and medically supervised program that will enable you to lose the fat and weight, as well as achieve the wellness you desire and deserve. Thank you for partnering with us. -Dr. Jeff Lester

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Partnering Together For Success

Unlike low-calorie starvation diets, we will customize and provide a plan tailored to your unique biological requirements. After all, one size does not fit all! After completing the patient packet at our center, you’ll receive a comprehensive physical exam by one of our knowledgeable practitioners.

Upon your results, we will make the best recommendations for your individualized weight loss program. This will include supplementation, therapeutic injections, meal plans, and anything else that we feel may help you be successful in our program.

We also provide you with choices so that you are part of your own transformation process. The best success comes with a partnership.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” – Henry Ford


When you first begin our program, you will be given a complimentary basket of supplements to get you started. Depending on your needs, it may include vitamins, minerals, and herbal or botanical support. These are the “core” supplements that will prevent nutritional deficiencies and support your metabolic process during weight loss. Please take them as recommended. We may also recommend other supplementation depending on your personal needs.

Therapeutic Injections

To assist you in your weight loss efforts and energy levels, we will provide you with a therapeutic injection(s) as needed. The injections are natural mixtures made up of amino acids and vitamins.