Pain is the most common reason that people go to the doctor.  When you are in pain, it is hard to focus on almost anything else. It is estimated that about 20% of adults experience chronic pain, and this number goes up with age. So if you’re hurting, you’re not alone.   

Western Medicine has two primary answers to chronic pain: drugs and surgery.  Medications can be helpful for numbing the pain, but ultimately don’t fix the underlying problem.  If there is a profound structural problem, surgery can be useful, but in many cases surgery is not appropriate or has a low chance of success. Surgery can also be risky, expensive, and lead to taking weeks off from activities you enjoy.   

At Trilogy Medical, Dr. Jeff Lester, D.O. and Amber Weiss, PA-C, LAc offer several unique options for helping our patients manage pain.  In fact, integrative pain management is one of our specialties.  We offer a multi-pronged approach that is customized to your situation.  One of our newest tools for helping to reduce pain and speed healing is microcurrent therapy.  Microcurrent therapy sessions are quick, painless, and affordable, often providing both immediate and cumulative reduction in pain.  

Microcurrent therapy uses extremely small amounts of electrical current (millionths of an amp) to help relieve pain and help heal soft tissues of the body.  When you have an injury, normal electrical activity in that area gets disrupted.  Our microcurrent device produces electrical signals like those naturally occurring when the body is repairing damaged tissues.  By applying similar electrical currents, the healing process is enhanced.  

The electrical current used in microcurrent therapy is so small that it is rarely felt.  However, the water-moistened electrodes used to conduct the current may seem cool when first applied.  The treatment usually takes about 15 minutes to complete.  We are able to see a reading on the computer screen that shows us how blocked or disrupted the energy is in your injured area.  As the treatment is applied, those numbers generally show significant improvement.     

By approximating the natural electrical currents of the body, microcurrent therapy benefits include helping: 

  • Speed the healing process
  • Reduce swelling and inflammation
  • Mask acute and chronic pain
  • Release muscle trigger points
  • Improve soft tissue regeneration

We’ve seen great success with knee pain, shoulder injuries, neck pain, low back discomfort and injuries to the wrists or ankles.  We recently had a case where a man had pain in his foot that was so severe he could hardly stand.  It improved so much that he could walk without much pain after just 3 sessions.  Most people require 4-6 weekly sessions to see clear results.  

If the pain is severe and requires our multi-pronged approach, then we can utilize our other unique skills including biologic injections with natural cellular material, homeopathy, anti-inflammatory herbs and acupuncture.  

There is a saying in Chinese Medicine: “Bu Tong Zi Tong. Tong Zi Bu Tong.” It means, “When there is blockage, there is pain.  When there is no blockage, there is no pain.” All of the tools we use seek to minimize or eliminate that blockage.  Microcurrent therapy can offer a quick jumpstart on that journey.  

If you are interested in trying a session of microcurrent therapy with us, we are offering a special for the month of October.  While microcurrent is not currently covered by Medicare, we do strive to make it affordable.  Your microcurrent sessions are just $95 each, or $75 each if you purchase a package of 6.  

If you would like to meet first to discuss which approach is right for you, please call our office to set up an appointment with Amber Weiss, our physician assistant and licensed acupuncturist. In a 20-minute appointment that is covered by Medicare, she can guide you through the best steps for how we can help you get out of pain, sometimes permanently.  For more information or to book your session, email Amber Weiss at or call our front desk at 831-600-8117.