Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles with iPixel

Unfortunately, age pities no one. Time spent outdoors, facial expressions, and our age will eventually catch up to our skin, leaving in its wake fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, and uneven skin tone and texture. Thankfully, Trilogy Medical & Aesthetics can help with the iPixel Erbium Laser.

iPixel Laser Skin Resurfacing

iPixel uses thermal energy rather than light, making it an ideal laser system for all skin types. It works by ablating the epidermis and upper dermis of your skin to create microscopic perforations, or pixels, in just a fraction of your skin while leaving surrounding tissues intact. These perforations spur your body’s natural healing abilities into action. The fine lines and wrinkles in treated skin cells fall away as new cells replace them with the support of fresh collagen and elastin. Old, tired, and uneven skin is removed, leaving a fresh, hydrated, and blemish-free complexion in its place. Collagen remodels areas of scarring, returning a youthful glow to your face. iPixel works wonders on fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, roughened textures, hyperpigmentation and sun damage, and even acne scars.

Am I a Good Candidate?

iPixel uses heat rather than light to target skin imperfections, so if you have sensitive skin or are darker of tone, you’re not immediately disqualified as a candidate. Be sure to talk to your Trilogy Medical provider about any medications you may be taking.

What Are Treatments Like?

Ablative lasers sound more intimidating than they are in terms of the pain of treatment. Patients do report some discomfort with the heat of iPixel Erbium laser treatments, but a topical anesthetic cream may be applied for maximum comfort should you desire. Following treatment, you could feel a sunburn-like sensation and experience some swelling and skin tightness. These side effects are quick to resolve, usually within a few hours to 2 days. Also, don’t panic if your skin flakes and peels between 3-5 days after your iPixel session. This is the damaged skin’s dramatic exit making way for new, smooth, beautiful skin. Sunscreen is critical for 4 weeks following treatment to ensure no new damage is incurred.

Treatment times vary depending on your specific focus and the depth of the treatment you’ve chosen, but for most patients, 30-60 minutes for each visit is typical. On average, iPixel patients undergo 3-5 treatment sessions for optimum outcomes, scheduled 4-6 weeks apart.

When Can I See Results?

The texture and surface area of your skin will show visible improvement after the first week. The body’s healing process is amazing. You’ll likely continue to see results for up to 6 months following the treatment protocol. Taking care to avoid further damage to your skin could prolong your iPixel laser treatment results for years. While gravity, weight fluctuations, and sun exposure could still create new damage, the old damage is gone, and with proper care, you can make it last.

Our skin is our strongest protection from the elements. Let Dr. Lester and the Trilogy Medical & Aesthetics team help you take care of it while enjoying smooth, wrinkle-free, glowing results with iPixel Erbium Laser treatments. All you have to lose is damaged skin.

I just want to let you know how much the last treatment has improved a variety of issues that I had before. I am so impressed with how this just eased away my ailments. Dr. Lester’s treatment is such a wholesome, easy way to deal with what I was experiencing.”*

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Written by Trilogy Medical & Aesthetics