Becky M.: No More Ear Infections

My son had 7 ear infections the second year of his life, after many rounds of antibiotics I decided to go see Dr. Lester. A friend had told me that he cured her daughter of ear infections. I was a bit skeptical at first but after our first visit, he never had another ear infection. He is now 5 years old and has still never suffered from another ear infection. Recently I was suffering from some hormonal issues and decided I would go visit Dr. Lester to see if he could help me since he did such an amazing job with my son. I had chronic yeast infections for about 4 months and even with a sugar-free diet and lots of probiotics, nothing was working. I started seeing him 2 months ago and have not had another yeast infection since. I also feel like my hormones are more in balance. I have been recommending him to friends for years. I sent my husband to him for insomnia and allergies and he has seen a major improvement. I’m so impressed by his results that I will continue to take my family to him for many years to come.

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