Bev M.: Autoimmune Disease Improved Dramatically and Affordably

I’ve been bringing my daughter to Dr. Lester since April 2016 for persistent symptoms related to an autoimmune disease. Our family had prior experience with successful homeopathic treatment from another practitioner but it wasn’t covered by insurance. When I discovered Dr. Lester is a medical doctor as well, therefore covered by insurance, I was happy the treatments were within our budget and booked an appointment as soon as I could. His skilled assessments in administering homeopathic treatment and his positive attitude have helped my daughter more than any of the other many medical specialties and therapies we’ve tried over the years. I’m pleased to say my daughter’s health improved dramatically so she was able to travel to the Amazon rainforest on a service trip, is able to pursue her love of rock climbing, and is doing well in college. Good communication is crucial to successful treatment and we’ve always found Dr. Lester to be easy to talk to as well as a good listener. The staff is also caring and compassionate and you get the feeling they truly care about their patients. If you’re considering calling for an appointment, I strongly recommend you do so without hesitation. It could change your life.

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