James V.: Painless Laser Hair Removal

I went here for laser hair removal and chose this place because they claimed to have the newest laser technology. I have wanted to get the work done but was hesitant due to cost, time and the discomfort that the usual laser hair removal process entails. I had done waxing but it was not only painful but I broke out AND the hair was only gone for about 10 days. I signed up for the removal and was so surprised at the speed and comfort. It literally felt like a warm stone massage. No pain whatsoever. None. I booked my follow-up appointment for 4 weeks later and was thrilled that almost none of my hair returned. After only one painless treatment I had almost no hair regrowth. I have already booked to treat other areas of my body. Compared to what some other people have told me and the results I have gotten, there is no way I would use the older treatment.

Written by admin