Karen L.: Got My Life Back After Fibromyalgia

I’d been suffering with fibromyalgia most of my life. Migraines at age 4, joint pain started in my teenage years, chronic fatigue and sleepless nights soon followed. Each year I got worse, feeling 80 when I was 30. My goal was to find something to keep the fibromyalgia from getting any worse. When Dr. Lester said he was hopeful and he had a plan, I thought my hearing was going as well. “Say that again, I don’t think I heard you right.” Within 4 months I was sleeping through the night, I had less joint pain and migraines and more energy. It did take about 2 years, but what a wonderful journey of rediscovery. All the things in my life that fibromyalgia had taken away, Dr. Lester and homeopathy have given back to me.

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