Veronika, C.

Before coming to Dr. Lester I have suffered from the effects of RA for over 3 years. At the time of my initial visit, I was having some of the most painful debilitation I had ever experienced. I could not bear weight on my right leg because of severe hip joint pain. I could not drive because of sciatic nerve pain from inflammation in the discs of my lower spine, I was frequenting the ER for steroid injections and pain management, I needed assistance getting in and out of bed, and myself to the toilet to use the restroom. Worst of all, I am a single mother of an active toddler to say the least, and could no longer physically care for my child on my own. I could not lift or carry him, I could not get him into his car seat. If he fell asleep while driving in the car, I could not lift his car seat to carry him inside. One of my son’s favorite activities is walking/hiking and I could not do this with him at all. There are also a number of foods that trigger attacks for me including sugar (of any kind, natural or refined), dairy, simple carbs (such as bread & pasta), rice, and many others. Even a bit of fruit would be enough to bring on an attack so severe that I would be bedridden for days. Every single ailment or challenge I have described has gone away! — I can bare weight on my hips without the aid of crutches. I can walk, pain-free! — I can drive again both short and long distances without experiencing sciatica. — I have not visited the ER and no longer use pain medication, muscle relaxants, or anti-inflammatory drugs. — I no longer need assistance with self-care. And I can hold my son again! I’ve even taken him hiking for the first time since he was born, alone, uphill, and suffered no back, hip, or nerve pain. And for the first time in 3 years, I can enjoy food without restrictions. For my birthday, which recently passed, I even ate cake and ice cream with no flare ups. The healing that I have experienced from working with Dr. Lester is nothing short of a miracle! I am a total believer in Homeopathy and would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who needs healing.

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