Why Didn’t My Aesthetic Treatment Work?

Patients spend thousands of dollars annually on aesthetic and cosmetic rejuvenation treatments, so when you consider the investment and time, you want your procedure to produce the best possible results. At Trilogy Medical & Aesthetics, Dr. Lester brings years of expertise in a variety of medical specialties together to ensure he and his staff gives the most comprehensive treatments available in the aesthetic enhancement industry.

My Skin Tightening Treatment Didn’t Work

Not all aesthetic treatments turn out the way patients had hoped, unfortunately. Patients unsatisfied with their results may not have received the correct information to manage expectations, or perhaps they haven’t had enough treatments. It’s also possible their practitioner was inexperienced, or weren’t an ideal candidate.

Our vShape Ultra skin tightening treatments often require more than one session to achieve optimal results. Trilogy Medical recommends between 5-8 treatments for the best possible outcome, with sessions scheduled weekly. Perhaps your treatments are simply not complete. Coolsculpting or weight loss using our Lean To Wellness program may be recommended in combination to get better results. Our experienced staff will be happy to schedule a consultation to evaluate your areas of concern and offer a correct course of action that will put you on the road to achieving effective results that you can be satisfied with.

Men and women between 30 and 60 years of age with loose skin problems anywhere on the body may be good candidates for vShape Ultra skin tightening treatments. However, patients with extreme laxity of the skin might consider other options, such as a non-surgical facelift with our new Laser technology.

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Written by Trilogy Medical & Aesthetics