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Why Do We Combine
CoolSculpting with
Radiofrequency Ultrasound?

November 29, 2020

Do you have stubborn body fat that just won’t go away, no matter how well you eat, or how often you exercise and target those areas? Technology has come a long way in treating problem areas, and our combination CoolSculpting and Radiofrequency Ultrasound treatment could be just the non-surgical answer you’re looking for.

What is CoolSculpting and Radiofrequency Ultrasound?

Fat cells freeze at a higher temperature than the cells surrounding them, which is what makes CoolSculpting so effective while remaining non-invasive and safe. The CoolSculpting procedure delivers precisely controlled cooling to stubborn fat cells, causing them to freeze and die. The body’s lymphatic system then filters them out and removes them naturally. The result leaves you looking sculpted, toned, and healthy.

With the Radiofrequency Ultrasound procedure, radiofrequency waves heat the water in fat cells to vapor, while the ultrasound waves use vibration to rupture remaining fat cells, efficiently wiping out fat cells left behind from the CoolSculpting process. The energy from radiofrequency waves has the added benefit of stimulating your skin’s collagen and elastin production.

Why Combine the Two Procedures?

When we perform the CoolSculpting and Radiofrequency Ultrasound procedures in tandem, more fat cells are treated than in any other non-surgical body sculpting and toning treatments. Because the gentle radiofrequency energy stimulates and contracts collagen, the skin that is made looser by the loss of fat cells in the treatment area is tightened and smoothed for toned results. Both procedures compliment each other for a more thorough and effective treatment overall.

The best part is the fat loss is long lasting. While it can take between 12-16 weeks for the body to filter out and remove the dead fat cells, those cells are gone, removed from your body naturally and for good. CoolSculpting and Radiofrequency Ultrasound are successful treatments for stubborn body fat without the need for surgery, anesthesia, or a lengthy recovery. With your customized treatment plan, we will address your problem areas for a lasting solution tailored to your body and your budget. You have nothing to lose except the fat, and everything to gain.

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  • Dr. Lester Was the Only One Who Could Help My Son

    Dr. Lester has done so much for my family. When there was no one else that could help my son, he was the one that did. He takes the time to get to know people. Know after 2 years of helping get my son back on track. He is helping the rest of the family. Thank you so much Dr. Lester for all your help!

  • Friendly and Caring Team

    Friendly environment full of ppl who care and remember you by name when walking thru the door.

  • Treatment is Effective and Easy

    I just want to let you know how much the last treatment has improved a variety of issues that I had before. I am so impressed with how this just eased away my ailments. Dr. Lester’s treatment is such a wholesome, easy way to deal with what I was experiencing.

    Mark J.
  • Got My Life Back After Thyroid and Adrenal Issues

    I got a lot of good information from Dr. Lester in dealing with ongoing thyroid and adrenal issues, specifically with regard to supplements I’d never heard of that really improved some symptoms. I will never stop going to him because he has given me my life back. My family thanks him!

    Barbara M.
  • Homeopathy for Infertility and Hormonal Balance

    I am grateful to have Dr. Lester as my family’s doctor. For two and a half years I had infertility challenges. Through homeopathy, he guided my body to hormonal balance. As a result, I was blessed to give birth to two beautiful boys. My whole family continually seeks care from Trilogy Medical—for sickness and other health issues, even emotional wellness. We have a complete health team to take care of all of our needs. Each appointment I have with Dr. Lester is an opportunity to learn further what Homeopathy can do to help our family.

    Sadie R.
  • Pediatrician Referred Us to Dr. Lester When Antibiotics Failed

    My young twin boys had ear infections for 3 months that 4 courses of antibiotics did not help. My pediatrician suggested I see Dr. Lester for homeopathy treatment. I had remembered that my friend’s son had suffered from chronic ear infections years ago and she went to see Dr. Lester and was very pleased with the results. Dr. Lester’s treatment was brilliant. The ear infections cleared up and when my sons got sick again they did not get any repeat ear infections. His evaluation and course of treatment worked so well for them that we now use him in conjunction with our regular pediatrician. Our pediatrician was quite happy with the results as well. I would also like to add that his staff is very compassionate, friendly and professional and made a stressful situation more comfortable and smoother. I highly recommend Dr Lester, he is a wonderful doctor!!

    Kathleen J.
  • Integrative Medicine for ADD

    I have suffered with ADD all my life.I came to see Dr. Lester about 3 years ago, a referral from a friend. During my first appointment I felt heard for the first time. He did some testing, and put me on a supplement regimen. Dr Lester uses Integrative medicine. I followed his regimen. It has been a slow process, but well worth it. Using more natural ingredients has made me a much healthier person. I am thrilled with the results. Dr. Lester really knows his business, and I would highly recommend him to anyone. If you want a better quality of life, Dr. Lester through integrative medicine is the one to see. He’s the best.

    Martha R.
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