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Dr. Lester D.O. – Clinic Director & Family Physician

Trilogy Medical Centers are testimony to Dr. Lester’s dream, his dedication to popularizing Integrative Medicine and his efforts to make it available and convenient to more and more people.

He was first trained in Western Medicine as a physician and surgeon at Southeastern Medical Center in Miami, Florida. He graduated from the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1986. His interests were intensive care, trauma medicine and vascular surgery. After completing his medical degree, he received seven years of postgraduate training in Classical Homeopathic Medicine.

He brings an expertise in the art of Homeopathic Constitutional Prescribing, Specialized Brain Chemistry Testing, and combines that with a wide range of Nutritional and Functional Medicine—provide a variety of treatment options to improve or eradicate migraines, depression, arthritis, anxiety, chronic insomnia and more.

He and his medical staff look forward to meeting you and providing you with highly personalized, old-fashioned care.

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