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Dr. Lester Was the Only One Who Could Help My Son

Dr. Lester has done so much for my family. When there was no one else that could help my son, he was the one that did. He takes the time to get to know people. Know after 2 years of helping get my son back on track. He is helping the rest of the family. Thank you so much Dr. Lester for all your help!


Friendly and Caring Team

Friendly environment full of ppl who care and remember you by name when walking thru the door.


Treatment is Effective and Easy

I just want to let you know how much the last treatment has improved a variety of issues that I had before. I am so impressed with how this just eased away my ailments. Dr. Lester’s treatment is such a wholesome, easy way to deal with what I was experiencing.

Mark J.

Got My Life Back After Thyroid and Adrenal Issues

I got a lot of good information from Dr. Lester in dealing with ongoing thyroid and adrenal issues, specifically with regard to supplements I’d never heard of that really improved some symptoms. I will never stop going to him because he has given me my life back. My family thanks him!

Barbara M.

Homeopathy for Infertility and Hormonal Balance

I am grateful to have Dr. Lester as my family’s doctor. For two and a half years I had infertility challenges. Through homeopathy, he guided my body to hormonal balance. As a result, I was blessed to give birth to two beautiful boys. My whole family continually seeks care from Trilogy Medical—for sickness and other health issues, even emotional wellness. We have a complete health team to take care of all of our needs. Each appointment I have with Dr. Lester is an opportunity to learn further what Homeopathy can do to help our family.

Sadie R.

Arthritis and Anger Relieved with Homeopathy

I learned that my arthritis was linked to rage. Before my classical homeopathy experience, I needed to place my left leg up on the curb and then swing my right leg up to distribute my body weight. Now at least once a week I think back and am so grateful when I get up high bus steps without holding on and pulling myself up. As if that wasn’t enough Homeopathy and Dr. Lester have aided me emotionally by gently siphoning off blocked anger that I had hidden from myself by denial. I now use that energy in a positive way. Perhaps I should just have a t-shirt made saying “I support homeopathic remedies and they support me”. I am so grateful!

Linnie N.

Pediatrician Referred Us to Dr. Lester When Antibiotics Failed

My young twin boys had ear infections for 3 months that 4 courses of antibiotics did not help. My pediatrician suggested I see Dr. Lester for homeopathy treatment. I had remembered that my friend’s son had suffered from chronic ear infections years ago and she went to see Dr. Lester and was very pleased with the results. Dr. Lester’s treatment was brilliant. The ear infections cleared up and when my sons got sick again they did not get any repeat ear infections. His evaluation and course of treatment worked so well for them that we now use him in conjunction with our regular pediatrician. Our pediatrician was quite happy with the results as well. I would also like to add that his staff is very compassionate, friendly and professional and made a stressful situation more comfortable and smoother. I highly recommend Dr Lester, he is a wonderful doctor!!

Kathleen J.

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