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Homeopathic Medicine for Anxiety 

In a world that often moves at a hectic pace, the prevalence of anxiety has become increasingly common. As individuals seek holistic alternatives to conventional treatments, homeopathic medicine for anxiety emerges as a natural and promising option.  This blog post aims to explore the principles of homeopathy, shed light on common homeopathic remedies for anxiety, […]

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How Homeopathic Medicine Can Help with Recurrent Infections

An infection is caused by the invasion and multiplication of harmful microorganisms. Most infections are mild and self-limiting, especially for adults with a healthy and strong immune system.  However, the problem starts when an infection becomes persistent or keeps on recurring, indicating that there’s something wrong within the body.  While conventional medicine offers various treatments, […]

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How Homeopathy Treatment Can Help with Colitis

Colitis is a chronic inflammatory condition of the colon that can significantly impact one’s quality of life. Unfortunately, traditional treatments often come with limitations and potential side effects.  However, there’s a growing interest in exploring alternative approaches, with homeopathy emerging as a promising avenue.  In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the mechanism of homeopathic […]

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A Unique Approach to Attention
Deficit Disorder

A growing number of the population, both adults and children, suffer from ADD and ADHD. This condition can interfere significantly with a person’s life in many ways. The common way of treating it is by the use of specific medication. These force focus quite impressively, however there are some drawbacks. Long term dependency is common […]

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Homeopathy for Children
of All Ages and Stages

The use of homeopathic medicine is a spectacular life enhancing treatment for so many conditions that children commonly face in childhood. Whether it is an immune system challenge, behavior difficulty, skin conditions or low self-esteem, homeopathic medicines can provide significant results. These amazing medicines can often cure conditions rather than suppress or just provide temporary […]

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Achieve “Immune Agility”
With Homeopathy

Immune agility means that your immune system is prepared to handle whatever might come its way. In our current days of the pandemic, it is more critical now than ever. When the immune system is free to react with a full and robust response to an incoming invader that might be lurking, then deep illness […]

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A Unique View On How to Have
Long Term Healthy Relationships

People commonly repeat the same type of relationships in their lives as they witnessed in their parents. The posterior brain holds past memory and programs how we feel and react in our current life. The frontal part of the brain only has 10-20% influence over the posterior brain’s feeling and reaction tendency. That is why […]

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Can Allergies Be Cured?

It’s springtime and along with all of its beauty comes the notorious pollen associated with allergy season. The sneezing, blowing, coughing, head congestion and eye watering can cause many people to feel miserable. But why do many [some] people not react at all? It has to do with an immune threshold. The lower the threshold, […]

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How Many Laser Hair
Removal Treatments Do I Need?

Tired of shaving, tweezing, or waxing to remove unwanted hair? Embarrassed by the quantity or thickness of hair on certain parts of your body? Long-term hair removal could be the solution you’re looking for. At Trilogy Medical & Aesthetics, we use the cutting-edge Soprano ICE System to achieve lasting results you’re sure to love. How […]

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