A growing number of the population, both adults and children, suffer from ADD and ADHD. This condition can interfere significantly with a person’s life in many ways. The common way of treating it is by the use of amphetamine medication like Adderall, Vyvanse or Ritalin. These force focus quite impressively, however there are some drawbacks. Long term dependency is common along with loss of appetite and insomnia. The most unique approach to ADD is by the use of Constitutional Homeopathic Medicines. They are very safe, easy to take and quite effective. Noticeable results often come in 2-3 months after beginning treatment. Results often last for many years or even permanently. The homeopathic remedies are often from mineral or plant extract and are taken in chewable pill form. Once they are effective, the changes can often help the self-esteem grow and create a better sense of well-being. Hyperactivity can diminish, behavior improves and focus and attention improve. In children, grades often improve as well as procrastination.

There are over 50 homeopathic remedies that can be used to treat ADHD, ranging from common to more esoteric.  A common plant remedy used is Nux Vomica. There is often a hurried feeling with impatience, irritability and racing thoughts. The speech can often be rapid. Stomachaches or constipation are often found. Teasing is a common trait. Another plant remedy is Ignatia amara. There is often a more shy or inhibited personality or with mood swings and lack of confidence. Frustration feelings are common. Stomachaches and headaches are often helped with this remedy. Staphysagria is a plant remedy prescribed when there is more shyness and inhibition. The child is often very sensitive and scared of raising their hand in class. The person can appear quiet on the outside with a lot of thoughts on the inside. A common mineral remedy is Argentum Nitricum. The person is more on the loud side with a lot of thoughts and a lot of laughter. They can be the life of the party and have quite a carefree attitude. They are usually very generous and open hearted. Sulphur is another common mineral remedy. These types of people are often naturally mechanical, analytical, curious and quick-witted. They are often born leaders with a strong sense of fairness. Baryta Carbonica is used when the person is on the slow side, naïve or child-like. They can be extraordinarily shy or even bashful. They often want others to speak for them. There can be a sweetness in their personality with delayed development. Phosphorus is a remedy used when there are a lot of scattered feelings along with anxiety, especially with anticipation and impressionability.

While it may be tempting to pick one of the above remedies and start using it for yourself or giving it to a loved one, there are actually many different factors that go into selecting the best remedy. Even once the right remedy is found, it is important to use the correct strength (these commonly range from 6c to 200c). Some strengths can only be purchased through a professional homeopath. There are also different strategies for taking the remedies.  Some work best if they are taken once every few months and some work best if taken daily, or even multiple times per day.  With over 35 years of expertise in Constitutional Homeopathy, Dr. Lester is able to identify which remedy or remedies are most likely to result in positive, long-term change. There are signs beyond the improved focus that we look for to make sure a person is responding well, and may change or combine remedies to get the best results.    

Homeopathic medicines work by eliminating noisy thoughts in the brain that are usually quite distracting to the person. They desensitize the brain and nervous system to remove negative states of mind. The result is a quieter state of function in both the mind and body. Sleep improves. Bad dreams can go away, and life can become easier. Post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD, can often result in ADD and ADHD tendencies. Once a trauma imprints into the brain it is often difficult to get it out. By the desensitization process of homeopathic treatment, the PTSD and ADD typically disappear together. Homeopathic treatment often enhances psychotherapy and learning technique programs. If homeopathic treatment was offered in the schools, then the classrooms would be quieter and more manageable. It has been proven that when the mind has been traumatized, the person will not be able to learn. The combination of homeopathic medical care to unload the brain, combined with any type of educational therapy will speed up the results by tenfold.

At Trilogy Medical in Soquel, we serve the community with decades of experience, offering services for both adults and children to help build self-esteem and success. Dr. Jeff Lester, DO and Amber Weiss, PA-C, LAc. administer homeopathic medical care, acupuncture and healthy nutrition at the clinic.  Check our website at trilogymedical.net or give us a call at 831-600-8117. You have nothing to lose but your lack of focus!