Immune agility means that your immune system is prepared to handle whatever might come its way. In our current days of the pandemic, it is more critical now than ever. When the immune system is free to react with a full and robust response to an incoming invader that might be lurking, then deep illness is much less likely to occur. This might answer why some people power through illness better than others. Whether it is a virus, a bacteria, the dreaded resistant MRSA staphylococcus bacteria, an injury, recovering from surgery, recurrent sinusitis or UTI’s, immune agility is the key. Immune agility leads to immune confidence and better health.

Constitutional Homeopathy can return the agility to the immune system by freeing it up and restoring it to full power. Through a process of “corrective signaling,” homeopathy has been saving lives, especially during the great epidemics of the past in the US. These included cholera, scarlet fever, diphtheria and even the Bubonic plague. The Hahnemann monument in Scott Circle in Washington, DC commemorates this reformation of medicine in America at the time of these epidemics. The German Dr. Samuel Hahnemann discovered that if a person’s immune system was compromised or stuck in a weakened state due to a chronic illness and they began fighting an acute illness, after successfully resolving the acute illness, the chronic weakened state would also improve or completely resolve. He then surmised that he could reproduce the same phenomenon by creating a similar stimulus to the immune system with a diluted and potentized extract of a substance from nature that had medicinal action. He published his first works in 1810 in Leipzig, Germany. It later spread to the US in 1825 with the successful treatment of cholera.

Today in the US, we unfortunately only have a singular system of medicine that is highly successful with bacterial infections, emergencies and suppressing symptoms. However, what is missing is a second system of medicine that restores the immune system, nervous system, hormonal system and circulatory system after it has been injured. Constitutional homeopathy was that system used by virtually all doctors in the US from 1825 until 1940. It was replaced with penicillin, sulfa, cortisone and insulin. These medicines were powerful, rapid acting and easy to prescribe as “one size fits all.” Homeopathy is more challenging since it must be prescribed with precision for each individual and how they need to be restored to health. However, the precision is what makes it so effective.

An investigative interview and examination is performed by a well-trained homeopath. A single homeopathic remedy is chosen to try to unlock, direct or empower a person internally to get well. The most unique part of homeopathy is that it communicates with the internal system in a way that can be rapid, gentle and permanent restoration to health. If this is done prior to a person being exposed to a harmful virus, such as the current coronavirus, they are less likely to succumb to the illness. We have seen this repeatedly when two people in a partnership share the coronavirus. The partner who is on homeopathic treatment fairs far better than the partner who is not on treatment. Often in a married couple, the partner who has the immune agility hardly gets sick. We have seen the untreated partner wind up with bronchitis or pneumonia more often. This can lead to hospitalization.

Just like prior to playing a sport, when you prepare the agility of the muscles and tendons, you are less likely to become injured. When constitutional homeopathy is employed prior to exposure to a tough bug, the immune agility might just save a person’s life. MRSA is the dreaded staphylococcus infection that is resistant to most antibiotics. Homeopathic care has been commonly successful. Chronic sinusitis will often resolve within a relatively short time. When the immune system is restored to full power, then the treatment is completed.

Dr. Jeff Lester has been using constitutional homeopathy in his medical practice since 1988. He has found it an invaluable tool in helping people find good health and extend their lives. You can find us at Trilogy Medical in Soquel on 41st Avenue in Santa Cruz, CA and on the web at Call us at 831-600-8117 to discover your immune agility.