It’s springtime and along with all of its beauty comes the notorious pollen associated with allergy season. The sneezing, blowing, coughing, head congestion and eye watering can cause many people to feel miserable. But why do many [some] people not react at all? It has to do with an immune threshold. The lower the threshold, the more symptoms get triggered. The higher the threshold, the less reactive the immune system is, leading to minimal to no allergy symptoms. Breaking through the immune threshold can lead to the body’s release of histamines, cytokines and leukotrienes, resulting in the allergy symptoms. Any medical system that can raise the immune threshold can reduce the tendency for allergies, often for many years.

Allergy shots try to stop the immune system from reacting to specific types of pollen by desensitizing the reaction. While it can lower the immune response to allergens, it also requires years of weekly or monthly shots. Allergy medications subdue the histamine-type chemicals that have already been released. Because they suppress the system, they often come with side effects like fatigue and grogginess. 

Constitutional Homeopathic Medicine and Classical Chinese Medicine

At Trilogy Medical we use two time-tested systems that are gentle yet effective: Constitutional Homeopathic Medicine and Classical Chinese Medicine. These can both raise the immune threshold to alleviate the tendency to have any allergy at all, whether from pollen, tree spores, food, dust or animal dander. Imagine never reacting to the allergen in the first place. Then there is no need for suppression with a drug or desensitization with hundreds of immune injections. Our approach is natural and long-term, leaving you with a cleaner, sharper, more balanced system.

The word “constitutional” refers to treating a person at a deeper level, affecting and powerfully tuning both the nervous system and immune system so that they work in better harmony.  At our office, your allergy treatment would start with a thorough consultation to find the homeopathic medicine that best matches your symptoms and your underlying constitution. Homeopathic medicines are all natural, FDA approved, easy to take, and inexpensive.  Anywhere from 4-6 homeopathic medicines will often be tried in sequence until the strongest one is found to raise your threshold the highest. Once found, we keep you on the same homeopathic medication for 6-12 months until the immune threshold remains in the highest state. At that point, your tolerance for many things improves significantly. The healed state can last for many years, and in many cases permanently. In a similar way, acupuncture and Chinese herbs can bring balance and clarity to the immune system, thereby reducing allergy symptoms and healing the system organically. 

The same principle can be used for asthma, chronic sinusitis, migraine headaches, eczema, dermatitis and even mild cases of seizure disorder. When the threshold of the immune system and nervous system is raised, these conditions do not get triggered. This becomes the cleanest and most elegant way to work with the body to achieve excellent health. Athletes often greatly appreciate this type of treatment since the effect is so clean. Mental sharpness and stamina improve as physical symptoms disappear. Children can perform better in school when the brain and head are clear. People often become less irritable, more productive and easier to get along with when they feel better. Sleep can improve when nasal congestion is reduced by reducing the tendency for the immune system to respond to an allergen. Neuro-immune balance through Constitutional Homeopathy or Classical Chinese Medicine just makes life better.

Dr. Jeff Lester, DO and Amber Weiss, PA-C, LAc provide these services at Trilogy Medical in Santa Cruz. Check out our services at and watch our videos under Resources “Watch Trilogy Talks” (or to hear our patients’ amazing results. To see if we’d be a good match to work together, call us at 831-600-8117 for a free 10-minute consultation or come visit us at our beautiful office at the corner of Soquel and 41st Avenue.