Homeopathic Medicine

Holistic & Based On Science

As a holistic therapy, Constitutional Prescribing Homeopathy, or Homeopathic Medicine is science-based and an alternative to western or modern medicine. It is an effective, safe, and gentle system for healing your body.

Constitutional means “to correct one or several of the great systems deep inside you, those that are the root cause of disease symptoms. This is opposed to treating the outer expressed symptom of the body that occurs when using Western medicine alone. These systems include the immune system, the nervous system, digestive system, hormonal system, and cardiovascular system.

Homeopathic Medicine Works With Your Body

Homeopathic medicine is an amazingly effective system that allows your body to relieve symptoms and restore itself naturally. The best part is that it doesn’t cause the side effects that many modern medicines do because it uses natural environmental substances-most commonly from plants and minerals that are made into potentized dilutions to signal a correction in the body that needs to made in order for the system to become healthy again.

Homeopathy was the creative concept in which the idea of vaccines was born. The idea of immunizations is very similar to homeopathy in that you are giving a dilution of disease to create immunity by communicating with our antibodies. In homeopathy you are communicating with the intelligence of the body to correct something inside that already exists that is causing disease or imbalance. The imbalance can be in the body, the mind, or often both.

Before & After Case Study

The images below illustrate the before and after treatment of an 11 y/o girl with Chronic Eczema. For 8 years she was treated with topical steroid creams until Constitutional Homeopathic Medicine was applied for 4 months. 5 years later her skin remains clear.

Considers The Person

Rather than focusing on the disease and treating only symptoms, Constitutional Prescribing Homeopathy determines the root cause of the illness. It works with the patient’s individual biochemistry; so that endless cycles of drug therapy can be put to rest and the patient can finally heal.   One of the most amazing parts of using homeopathy is that the process can unblock the core part of a mind and body that unleashes the ability to feel inner happiness and creativity. It can restore motivation both emotionally and physically. A motivated immune system kills infection more aggressively. A motivated nervous and hormonal system helps you accomplish a lot in life!

Provides Healing

Constitutional Prescribing Homeopathy is able to heal conditions that many conventional doctors deem as psychological, incurable, or even terminal. By tailoring interventions specifically for the patient, a person can be restored to balance naturally in all aspects of life.   How you feel on a regular basis is determined by inner chemistry and positive and negative memory patterns. Some of these memory patterns are given to you genetically passed on through your lineage often generations back. Others are caused by experiencing or repeating negative life patterns that are dysfunctional. These can cause restrictions about how you feel and even allow or create serious diseases. When removed by exact constitutional prescribing an unlocked immune system can cure conditions that modern medicine says there are no cures for. Through well prescribed constitutional remedies the “incurable” can often be cured.

Before & After Case Study

The below images illustrate the before and after treatment of a 15 y/o girl with persistent Cluster Warts who, for 1 year, failed to improve her condition with laser and chemical agents, but after 2 months of Constitutional Homeopathic Treatment her condition cleared up. 4 years later warts did not return.

Brings Distinction

While other forms of non-classical homeopathy can temporarily quiet chronic symptoms or treat simple acute illnesses—such as the common cold or flu, Constitutional Prescribing Homeopathy can get to a deeper root cause of many underlying illnesses that chronically plague people throughout their lives and cause ill health.

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