People commonly repeat the same type of relationships in their lives as they witnessed in their parents. The posterior brain holds past memory and programs how we feel and react in our current life. The frontal part of the brain only has 10-20% influence over the posterior brain’s feeling and reaction tendency. That is why we can often make wrong choices or over-react to stress producing situations. There is a way to change this.

With the use of constitutional homeopathic medicines, it is possible to remove unwanted feelings and reaction tendencies from the posterior brain called the limbic system. This is the secret of living a life full of healthy choices with complete consciousness. Homeopathic medicines work by desensitizing the power of these negative memories over our life. When cleared, the conscious part of the brain becomes free to make healthy choices in life, including choosing the right partner.

When negative memories are erased from the limbic system people react more patiently and kindly to most life situations. Constitutional homeopathic medicines can reduce feelings of selfishness, self-centeredness, neediness, resentment, anger flares and feelings of being unloved and uncared about. When these feelings remain too strong in the brain, they will commonly ruin a healthy relationship. Desensitizing these negative tendencies allows a partner in relationship to react with more positive responses with patience, consideration, willingness to help without being asked, trustworthiness, confidence and long-term loyalty.    

These important changes can also help create healthy relationships between friends, parents and children and employees. When the brain is cleared of negativity people become more motivated to be productive, work as a team and be less concerned with what others are doing compared to one’s self.

The other great advantage of brain circuit clearing with constitutional homeopathic care is improved overall health and slower aging. We often see improved skin, hair and nails after months of treatment. When we feel healthier, we tend to respond more positively in our relationships. When pain diminishes, we also become more positive and light-hearted.

A significant current problem today is the increasing rise of pancreatic cancer. This is often based in a deep feeling of resentment about not having enough pleasure in life. There is often an “all work and no play” feeling in the posterior brain. The pancreas is responsible for processing feelings of joy and passion. The less we feel these good feelings, the more we crave fats and sugar in our diet. Each organ in the body has emotional expression that can often be detected through the constitutional analysis during the in-depth 90-minute homeopathic interview. The more we can understand the deep feelings within the brain and body prior to prescribing a constitutional homeopathic medicine, the more readily the inner negative feelings can be cleared for better health and improved relationships.

After the constitutional homeopathic treatment has been correctly applied, we will often see marriages improve, families with children find a more peaceful home and children will function better at school. Studies have shown that when a child has been through a significant life stress their ability to learn in school diminishes substantially. When the child undergoes psychological counseling their ability to learn improves. When counseling alone does not make enough significant change then constitutional homeopathic care can accelerate the improvement through the process of brain clearing.

The homeopathic remedies themselves are natural, FDA approved for use and made, most commonly, from plant or mineral extracts. The key to making the remedies active in clearing brain and bodily circuits is the potentization process done in the lab. When applied properly in a “like to like” way, they communicate to the system what needs to be changed. When not applied correctly, there will often be little to no detectable change. For the method to be successful, it is best to seek the advice of an experienced practitioner.

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